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Xia Qinglin, et al. published a research outcome of new layered material in Advanced Materials

Aug 15, 2018

Recently, Advanced Materials (Adv. Mater., IF=21.95), an international top journal in materials science (SCI journal in materials, physics, chemistry and nano) and natural index journal, published the latest research outcome completed by Xia Qinglin, et al. from the School of Physics and Electronics of CSU, Professor Wu Junqiao and Doctor Chen Yabin from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, as well as Professor Maria C. Asensio and Doctor Chen Chaoyu from Synchrotron SOLEIL. This work has discovered for the first time and studied black-arsenic (b-As), a new 2D layered semiconductor. Associate professor Xia Qinglin served as the first corresponding author. The paper is entitled “/Black Arsenic: A Layered Semiconductor with Extreme In-Plane Anisotropy” (

Two-dimension layered material is a new topic for recent researches, a promising material in applications in the fields of nanoelectronics and energy.This material is anisotropic both in in-plane interaction and interlayer interaction but its in-plane structure and the property anisotropy remain less investigated. Their research reported that the newly-found layered semiconducting material, i.e. black-arsenic (b-As), has extremely high in-plane anisotropy. Through a systematic characterization of the structure, electronic property, thermal conductivity and electrical property of b-As single crystals, the b-As single crystal is found to have anisotropies in the migration, electric conductance and thermal conductance along the direction of armchair (AC) and zigzag (ZZ), which are higher than or equal to those of any known 2D crystal. Such great in-plane anisotropy suggests that this material may be used in nanoelectronic devices, thermo applications and other possible applications.

This endeavour was supported by the CSC Program (No.201306375019), the NSFC Project (No.11674400, No.61775241), the Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project (No.2018JJ2511) and the Project of CSU Innovation-driven Plan (Grant No.2017XC019). Other research organizations participating in this endeavor include theInstitute of Semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academician Li Shushen’s research group), the Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academician Liu Yunqi’s research group), the Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academician Gao Hongjun’s research group), the Department of Physics of University of California, Berkeley, the Materials Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Stanford University. Mr. Liu Zhenhua from Guangdong Longde Group has offered important assistance for this research endeavor.

Article information: Y.B.Chen#, C.Y. Chen#, Q.L. Xia*, Maria C. Asensio*, and Junqiao Wu* et al., Black Arsenic: A Layered Semiconductor with Extreme In-Plane Anisotropy,Adv. Mater., 2018, 1800754.

Source: School of Physical Science and Electronics